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Join us on a Farm Tour
Soiled Reputation farm tours are designed to introduce people to a multi-faceted approach to high-quality, sustainable food production. Our goal each year, is not only to produce delicious, healthy food for people, but to contribute to biodiversity as well.

Visitors are taught the ecosystem approach we take, while producing certified organic vegetables. In doing so, they not only learn about how their food is crafted, but also about the various trophic levels and animal communities that share our farm. In short, the food web of our agricultural ecosystem.

To book a tour call (519) 393-6497 or email
(optional self-guided tours to be added later).

View our pdf file of the birds seen at Soiled Reputation Farm

“What’s In A Name?” Soiled Reputation:

“There is no truer expression of a region’s distinct combination of soil and climate, than the food grown in its soils.”

Soiled Reputation Farm is situated on some of the most fertile soils in Ontario. Our 80 acre farm in Sebringville, sits on an alluvial plain of Perth Clay-Loam, rich in organic matter. We currently have 40 acres certified organic, and are working to completely convert the farm in the future.

Since 1991, we have been growing salad mixes and over 50 varieties of seasonal vegetables, for discriminating kitchens. Our unique combination of climatic factors, and deep, humusy soil, allow us to craft delicious, healthy produce. Come taste why Deborah Madison said ours were “probably some of the sweetest carrots I’ve tasted”!